Ace's dives into the Pentium 4, discovers much

Just in case you missed it in the Shortbread, you owe it to yourself to check out this article at Ace's by Johan De Gelas examining the Pentium 4's architecture and performance in depth. This is apparently the first article of a series, and I'm already excited thinking about the next two installments. This article attempts to explain the Pentium 4's quirky performance balance by examining cache latency, cache bandwidth, memory latency, and memory bandwidth. On each front, the tests are revealing.

Of particular interest: how the P4's L2 cache doesn't live up to the hype, how the Athlon's L2 cache is surprisingly good, and the sad truth about DDR SDRAM vs. Rambus. Take some time to read this one; it's worth it. Oh, and you'd best read my Pentium 4 review for background first.

Incidentally, in other P4 news, the 1.3GHz flavor has hit the streets, as JC's weekly Pricewatch thingy shows. Just don't buy one at anywhere near those prices. Ugh.

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