Poll: Processor voltage madness

Today's processors, especially Intel chips with Turbo Boost, do a reasonably nice job of keeping power consumption down when they're idle and maximizing performance when the user demands it. Those sensible defaults don't stop certain users from getting their hands dirty, though; some crave extra performance and push voltages and clock speeds, while others want to minimize power consumption and noise by doing the very opposite.

Our latest poll topic is simple: in which camp do you fall? Is your processor overvolted, undervolted, or running at stock settings, the way AMD or Intel intended? Clock speeds don't concern us here; we figure you might be overclocking or underclocking, too, but we're mainly interested to hear about your CPU's voltage setting. As always, you may cast your vote either below or on our front page.

In case you missed our last poll, we were trying to determine whether stagnating hardware requirements in PC games had affected our readers' upgrade cycles. Perhaps that's not the case, after all. 51% of respondents said they got their last graphics card some time in 2009 or 2010, and 34% actually upgraded after June 2009. Another 27% upgraded in 2008, leaving only about a fifth of voters with a video card much more than three years old.

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