Gigabyte: Our mobos can charge active iPads

The iPad craze hasn't spared Taiwanese motherboard manufacturers. Earlier today, Gigabyte announced that its full lineup of Intel Core i3, i5, and i7 motherboards as well as mobos with AMD 800-series chipsets now let users charge their iPad while the device is running.

Gigabyte's elaborates in its press release:

Recent industry and news reports indicate that USB ports on most Windows PCs are unable to provide enough power to charge the new iPad while the device is in operation due to differences between motherboard USB power output and the device’s charging specifications. However, GIGABYTE’s unique USB power design is able to deliver extra power for devices that require more than the 500mA delivered from a traditional USB port.

The company has even sent us a photo of a running iPad charging off of a Gigabyte motherboard:


To enjoy the same functionality, users need only download a "simple On/Off Charge driver update" from the Gigabyte website. Supported motherboards apparently include all Gigabyte offerings with X58, P55, H55, H57, and AMD 800-series chipsets.

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