PalmVNC arrives

Want to control a remote computer from the palm of your hand? If so, this review of PalmVNC over at VisorCentral is a must read. VNC stands for Virtual Network Computing, and the application by the same name allows you to control remote computers over a network or the Internet. PalmVNC takes it a step further, allowing control of a remote PC from your Palm. Here are a few benefits.
  • No state is stored at the viewer. This means you can leave your desk, go to another machine, whether next door or several hundred miles away, reconnect to your desktop from there and finish the sentence you were typing.
  • It is small and simple. The Win32 viewer is about 150K in size and can be run directly from a floppy. There is no installation needed.
  • It is truly platform-independent. A desktop running on a Linux machine may be displayed on a PC. Or a Solaris machine. Or any number of other architectures. The simplicity of the protocol makes it easy to port to new platforms. (LIKE PALMOS!) There are literally DOZENS of Platforms supported by VNC. It is free!
While you might have to do a lot of scrolling trying to control your 1600x1200 desktop with a 160x160 resolution Palm, the possibilities for development down this road are endless.
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