Intel teases next embedded Atom

At the Spring Intel Developer Forum in Beijing, China earlier today, Intel took a moment to tease an upcoming Atom system-on-a-chip designed specifically for embedded applications. Most notably, the Tunnel Creek SoC features on-chip PCI Express connectivity intended to help minimize the cost and footprint of embedded designs.

Tunnel Creek will also include an Atom processor core, a memory controller, a graphics core, and a video decoding engine, all sharing the same piece of silicon. Thanks to the included PCIe connectivity, Intel says firms will be able to "connect their own custom-built silicon to the Intel chip as long as it is . . . PCI Express compliant." Intel believes Tunnel Creek will find its way into "IP phones, printers and in-vehicle-infotainment systems for cars."

Speaking of which, Chinese car maker HawTai was at the show:

[Doug Davis, corporate vice president and general manager of Intel's embedded and communications group] also welcomed an executive from major Chinese auto manufacturer, Rongcheng HawTai Automobile* to join him on stage. HawTai announced that its new B11* luxury sedan will incorporate the Intel Atom processor and open-source MeeGo software platform in its in-vehicle-infotainment systems.

Cui Chunfeng from China Mobile was also on stage and, in Intel's words, "discussed how the largest wireless company in the world will partner with Intel in developing its next generation wireless network infrastructure to help move China Mobile into a 'compute and cloud' model." If that's not clear enough, Cui explicitly said the partnership will involve China Mobile using Intel-architecture processors.

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