Upcoming Gigabyte mobo has seven PCIe x16 slots

Enthusiast motherboards have been sporting an increasing number of PCI Express x16 slots lately, so this was bound to happen. Expreview has nabbed a photo of an upcoming Gigabyte motherboard with nothing but physical PCIe x16 slots in its expansion area.

The image reveals a GA-X58A-UDP7 model number between the last two slots, but Expreview refers to the board as the GA-X58A-UD9. In either case, you can probably expect to see this puppy at the very top of Gigabyte's lineup.

In addition to the PCIe x16 slots, we can spot six DIMM slots, no less than 10 internal Serial ATA ports, and a prodigiously large network of heatsinks and heat pipes that covers much of the rest of the board. We wouldn't be surprised if the I/O area included eSATA connectivity on top of all that, although the photo only shows a top view of the board.

Oh, and unsurprisingly, Gigabyte has received certification for both CrossFire and SLI multi-GPU configurations. Considering the sheer number of PCIe slots, those big heatsinks may well be concealing at least one of Nvidia's NF200 PCI Express chips, which would imply support for three-way SLI configs. We'd wager that not all of the physical PCIe x16 slots on the motherboard have a full 16 lanes of connectivity running through them, however.

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