Well, I have successfully managed to strip completely not one but two minuscule Philips screw heads that are recessed deep in the underbelly of my Samsung NC20 laptop. Tried different screwdrivers with larger tips? Check. Pushing down really hard? Check. Putting a rubber band over the tip of the screwdriver? Check. Using super glue to affix the tip of a screwdriver? Check. Ordering a micro screw extractor kit and using it? Check. More super glue, letting it dry overnight? Check.

All failed. Next up: animal sacrifice. If that doesn't work, I'll never crack that thing open. At issue: an iffy Wi-Fi card inside the NC20 has made it unusable on my network. If I can't install the replacement I have for it, the laptop is mostly useless.

If you have any experience with magic tricks for the extraction of extremely small screws that have apparently been tensioned very tightly, uh, let me know.

On another note, our mail server was kaput for quite a while yesterday and early this morning. If you've had any trouble reaching us, you might want to try again. Thanks.

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