Beyond3D gets 'Radeonical'

Yes, I stole that line from Dr. Damage (give credit where credit is due). Beyond3D has reviewed the ATi Radeon 64MB VIVO. Do we still care? Well, their preface is just too precious so I have to reproduce it here.
This review was written early October 2000, unfortunately it's only getting published now, January 2001, due to an unexpected server move of the website and severe instability of our new server. This means that some of the information provided in this article might be obsolete by now, as in newer drivers might have solved issues and improved performance. DX8 compliance information is also probably outdated given that DX8 is now available and DX8 Caps test can be done. I would have loved to update this information but my review board had to be returned to ATI many months ago and thus updating is not an option. I do however appreciate that quite a number of people have been awaiting my view on this board, so I am providing this review "as-is", without any guarantees. I do urge caution and understanding when reading this review because it has been written so long ago. If you own an ATI Radeon and can provide updated information, comments and/or opinions, then feel free to make some posts in our forum.
Ironic. The review as it is may be dated but they cover a lot of ground in fifteen pages. They also acknowledge that better drivers may improve many of the issues that are raised (and better drivers have been leaking out) but it still makes for splendid reading. This one will be tough to top.
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