First Left 4 Dead 2 expansion should be out this week

Valve has been teasing the first piece of downloadable content for Left 4 Dead 2 since December, but it looks like we're finally reaching the end of the tunnel. The latest update on the Left 4 dead 2 blog drops a pretty obvious hint about the DLC's release date:

So enough worlds colliding, when is "The Passing" coming out? Well... if it was coming out next week we would say right here - Left 4 Dead 2's The Passing is coming out next week and we will be updating the blog next week with more news on the release. There you go.

According to Shacknews, the Xbox 360 version of The Passing will cost 560 Microsoft points ($7 in real money), but Valve has yet to reveal how much (if anything) it will charge for the PC release. Downloadable content for the PC version of the original Left 4 Dead was always free of charge, though.

As we've now known for some time, this upcoming expansion will take place after Left 4 Dead 2's Dead Center campaign, and it will feature characters from both the first game and the sequel killing zombies in a "small town in rural Georgia." Players can also look forward to new game modes, a golf club, an M60 machine gun, a "Wicked Witch Bride," and more.

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