Acer preps netbook with 45-nm AMD Geneva processor

Sick of netbooks yet? Hopefully not, because Acer appears to be cooking up an interesting new specimen. Mobile blog Macles has nabbed a good number of details about an upcoming Aspire One laptop featuring a brand-new AMD platform. And there are pictures.

Acer will base the Aspire One 521 on an AMD V105 processor, which will have a single 1.2GHz core, 512KB of L2 cache, a DDR3 memory controller, and a 9W power envelope. Macles identifies the V105 as the slowest member of AMD's Geneva processor family, itself part of the Nile platform. Dig up AMD's latest public mobile roadmap, and we see Geneva will be AMD's first 45-nm CPU geared toward ultrathin laptops. Geneva will have a ball-grid-array design that should be a better fit in small laptops, and higher-end versions of the CPU will have two cores.

The Geneva CPU will sit next to an M880G chipset, which will itself include Mobility Radeon HD 4225 graphics. Interestingly, Macles mentions 384MB of dedicated video memory, so this puppy might not have to share RAM with the processor. Macles talks of a cool seven hours of battery life, as well.

Otherwise, the Aspire One 521 has a 10.1" form factor and a pretty run-of-the-mill exterior, with the exception of the display lid, which Acer emblazons with a huge, chrome-plated Aspire One logo. At least now, other coffee shop patrons won't need to engage you to know what that tiny laptop next to your macchiato is called. (Thanks to Liliputing for the link.)

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