Report: Six-core Core i7-970 coming soon

The 1000-dollar Core i7-980X Extreme may not be Intel's only six-core processor for the foreseeable future. Fudzilla reports that a more affordable derivative, dubbed the Core i7-970, "could ship within the next couple of weeks." The site talks of early listings for the chip, and sure enough, European price search engine Geizhals lists one Core i7-970 listed at Dutch e-tailer

The e-tailer quotes a 3.2GHz clock speed and 12MB of cache, suggesting the processor has the same Gulftown silicon as the Core i7-980X. (Bloomfield-based Core i7-900 chips with four cores only have 8MB of L3 cache.) 3.2GHz doesn't seem like much of a step down from the i7-980X's 3.33GHz base clock speed, which is probably good news for bargain hunters.

Those folks might have to wait for prices to drop before placing their orders, though. pegs the chip at €840, and Fudzilla quotes a potential suggested retail price of €799. Considering the same e-tailer lists the i7-980X for €936,30, and Newegg carries that CPU for $1,089.99, it seems like the i7-970 might cost at least $800 stateside.

Charging that much for a lower-priced derivative of a new Extreme Edition processor wouldn't be a first for Intel. When it launched in January 2007, the quad-core Core 2 Quad Q6600 carried an $851 price tag for bulk orders, yet it was still the cheapest quad-core processor on the market.

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