Apologies for the server issues this morning. Fortunately, Jason, our new sysadmin, got us back up and running. He's working through a few issues with our nightly backups that have been a source of frustration to us for a while now. I expect the servers will be more reliable once he has them all sorted.

We have quite a few new articles in the queue behind the scenes here, but frustratingly, several of them have been delayed, so we didn't have anything ready for early today like we'd hoped. Cyril is getting close to producing his first review of our bold new era in which he, shockingly, lives on the right continent and can take delivery of stuff to review. As part of our hazing ritual, we're making him re-run some battery life tests, so he has another 12-plus hours to wait for those to finish. Or more, depending on how much we string him along.

As for me, I'm so far behind on various things that there's little hope for recovery. I did have two of the final pieces fall into place for my review of dual-socket servers this morning. Before I get to them, though, I have several briefings to attend, which will no doubt give me more stories to cover. I'm going to see how many such obligations I can pile up at once before my kidneys fail. I think we're getting close!

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