Apple sees continued growth in latest quarterly results

Recession or not, Apple is stringing up fruitful fiscal quarters. The Mac maker has posted net profits of $3.07 billion on revenue of $13.5 billion for the three months leading up to March 27, which correspond to the second quarter of Apple's 2010 fiscal year.

Here's how the results compare with those from the previous quarter and the same quarter a year ago:

  Q2FY09 Q1FY10 Q2FY10
Revenue  $9.08 billion $15.68 billion $13.50 billion
Net profit  $1.62 billion $3.38 billion $3.07 billion
Gross margin 39.9% 40.9% 41.7%

Unlike last quarter, all of the numbers in the table above conform to Apple's newly modified accounting rules, giving us direct comparisons. We can see Apple's revenue and net income have dropped a little bit sequentially—no big surprise, since the previous quarter included the holiday shopping rush. However, the company has posted substantial increases over Q2 FY'09, which was already, if you'll recall, a record quarter in spite of the troubled economic climate.

What about hardware shipments?

  Q2FY09 Q1FY10 Q2FY10
Macs  2.22 million 3.36 million 2.94 million
iPods 11.01 million 21 million 10.89 million
iPhones  3.79 million 8.7 million 8.75 million

Steadily, Mac and iPhone shipments are increasing while iPod shipments are declining. No big change there. We should, however, point out that iPhone sales have actually gone up from the previous quarter despite the seasonal slowdown, a surefire sign the handsets are still selling like hot cakes.

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