Poll: What audio setup do you game with?

Our look at Psyko's 5.1-channel gaming headphones this morning has made us wonder... how many PC gamers actually use surround-sound setups? Even the most basic onboard audio codec supports multi-channel configurations these days, and 5.1 speakers are a dime a dozen. However, getting truly good sound quality can be much cheaper with solid stereo speakers or headphones.

In doubt, we've whipped up a fresh poll with that simple question: what audio setup do you usually game with? You may cast your vote either below or on our front page.

Our last poll centered on processor voltage levels, namely whether users played with them at all. The results show almost two thirds of TR readers just keep their CPU at stock voltage. Out of the remainder, we see a 2.5:1 split between overvolters and undervolters, putting the latter in a clear minority. Still, it's interesting to see one in ten TR readers seem concerned enough about power consumption (and possibly noise levels) to take their CPU down from its default setting.

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