Via's Nano goes embedded

Almost two years have passed since we took our first look at Via's Isaiah architecture in action. Today, that architecture is moving into the embedded market. Via has announced a new sub-group within its Nano processor lineup: the E series, which seem to have the same clock speeds and idle power draw ratings as their non-embedded siblings, just with an 800MHz model at the bottom and no 1.4GHz or 2GHz parts.

Via notes that these chips will bring "native 64-bit software support, virtualization capabilities and extended longevity support to embedded markets." Isaiah has had 64-bit support from the beginning, and virtualization made it in last year. The extra longevity sounds new, however. Via says E-series chips have "guaranteed product longevity of seven years."

The processors also support Via's VX800 and VX855 chipsets, plus the upcoming VX900 and VN1000. As we wrote a few months back, the VN1000 chipset delivers DirectX 10.1 integrated graphics and support for DDR3-1066 memory, among other perks.

Via doesn't say when we can expect the first systems featuring E-series Nano chips, but it does note that samples are already available to prospective customers.

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