Deal of the week: A terabyte for $70

Hard-drive prices have stayed more or less stationary for a good few months now. However, Newegg's latest deal on the 1TB Western Digital Caviar Green gives us hope for a renewed wave of mechanical storage bargains.

Newegg currently charges just $69.99 with free shipping for this drive, which has a 1TB capacity, a 5,400-RPM spindle speed, and a 64MB cache. Just under 70 bucks for a terabyte works out to a little less than seven cents per gigabyte, which has to be some sort of new record.

Note that this variant has twice as much cache and slightly lower power consumption than the 1TB Caviar Green we reviewed back in October 2008. You can distinguish the two products by their model numbers: WD10EARS for the newer 1TB Caviar Green and WD10EADS for the older one. We suspect WD has dropped the platter count from three to two, as well, which would explained the reduced power draw.

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