Red Hat Society Day Shortbread

Red Hat Society Day

  1. Boy Genius Report: Asus producing a tablet with Core iX on board?
  2. TUAW reports inertial scrolling should be possible on all multi-touch trackpads
  3. Engadget reports Sony Dash spotted on shelf at Best Buy a few days early
  4. 9 to 5 Mac: 2 prototype iPod touches with cameras show up (then disappear) on eBay
  5. TechFlash podcast ep. 12: Mac, Windows, iPad, netbooks, Palm
  6. Windows Weekly 153
  7. Engadget podcast 193
  8. TweakTown reviews The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Blu-ray movie
  9. Neowin's giveaway: Core i5 processor - last chance today
  10. Newegg's Sunday shell shocker
Software and gaming

  1. Neowin reports Ubuntu to kill its notification area (system tray)
  2. Download Squad reports Aza Raskin envisions new log-on system for Firefox
  3. SuperSite's Windows 7 tip of the week: Find you way in Explorer with breadcrumbs
  4. 9 to 5 Mac shares rumor: Mac OS X 10.7 will see some big changes, Rixstep warns
  5. Boy Genius Report's hands-on with Microsoft Office for Mac 2011
  6. CDBurnerXP
  7. iGadgetLife on 13 free and useful iPad apps
  8. Engadget reports PS3 firmware 3.30 sneaks in remote play from PC, bitstream audio options
  9. 8 biggest recent gaming industry disappointments
  10. GameSpy has 10 things you'll love about Halo: Reach
  11. CoD7: The rumors heat up
  12. Shacknews on video games to be released this week
  13. Games For Work: Prince of Persia

  1. Neowin's hands-on review: Lenovo A63 and L2250P
  2. Futurelooks posts guide to finding the best alternatives to Apple products
  3. TweakTown's exclusive: Gigabyte shows on / off charge for Apple products
  4. Tech ARP's desktop CPU comparison guide rev. 8.5
  5. Legit Reviews: Gigabyte AMD 890GX motherboard BIOS update improves power consumption
  6. ThinkComputers: How to find out the model of the motherboard you have
  7. Rbmods on 8GB Corsair Flash Padlock 2
  8. iGadgetLife reviews Clickfree Transformer SE
  9. HT4U reviews Gigabyte GV-R585OC-1GD (in German)
  10. Hi Tech Legion reviews Zaward Vapor 120 CPU cooler
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