DDR3-enabled, dual-core Atoms may launch soon

Who needs Core Mobile CPUs to be widely available when you can get new netbooks with slightly faster Atoms? All joking aside, DigiTimes reports that Intel is gearing up to introduce both DDR3-enabled versions of existing Atom chips and some new, dual-core Atom N500-series processors. Basing its predictions on "sources from notebook players," the site forecasts the arrival of Atom N455 and N475 processors "shortly."

We first heard about such products in December. Back then, the rumor was that they might launch during the first week of June at the Computex show in Taiwan. Beyond DDR3 memory support, the N455 and N475 should have the same specifications as the existing N450 and N470 Atoms. That would mean a 1.66GHz clock speed for the former, 1.83GHz for the latter, and a single core with two threads and 512KB of L2 cache for both.

DigiTimes goes on to say Intel will reveal details about dual-core Atom N500-series processors in June. An Asus netbook based on one of those dual-core chips will be out in the third quarter with a price tag of around $575 U.S., the site adds.

These changes to the netbook-focused Atom N series will likely be mirrored in the nettop-oriented Atom D series. Earlier this month, we learned that DDR3-enabled variants of Atom D420 and D520 are on the way in the form of the the Atom D425 and D525.

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