JPR: Intel lost graphics share to AMD, Nvidia last quarter

Both Nvidia and AMD managed to grow their share of the graphics market last quarter, although of the big three, only Nvidia saw its shipments actually increase compared to the fourth quarter of last year. So says Jon Peddie Research in its estimates of graphics chip shipments for Q1 2010.

Here's how the latest JPR share numbers compare to those from the quarter before and the same quarter a year ago:

  Q1 2009 Q4 2009 Q1 2010
Intel 49.7% 51.1% 43.5%
Nvidia 31.1% 26.5% 31.5%
AMD 17.1% 21.7% 24.0%

AMD seems to be gaining ground, no doubt thanks to its Radeon HD 5000-series graphics cards—and perhaps to the delays that plagued Nvidia's GF100. Those delays didn't stop Nvidia from growing both its market share and its shipments, both of which were up in Q1 compared to Q4 '09 and Q1 '09.

(Before you go thinking the rise of Core i3 and i5 processors with integrated graphics cores is to blame for Intel's decreased market share, JPR says, "for ease of reporting for now we're including these devices in our Integrated numbers." So, the numbers factor in both Intel's IGP chipsets and CPUs with integrated graphics.)

Compared to Q4 '09, JPR says Nvidia enjoyed gains in mobile integrated and discrete GPUs as well as desktop integrated GPUs. AMD, meanwhile, made headway in desktop discretes and notebook integrated. If those Core Mobile CPU shortages persist, AMD seems likely to increase its slice of integrated notebook GPU shipments further.

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