AMD Catalyst 10.4 driver has been released

AMD has released its new Catalyst 10.4 driver suite today. This month's gaming fix features an incremental performance improvement for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Clear Sky. Unfortunately, gamers may be somewhat disappointed to learn that the fix for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 load times for video cards other than the 5xxx's did not make the cut in this version.

Other notable video enhancement features include H.264 level 5.1 support, that annoying mosquito noise removal, and video transcoding updates. Naturally, the full release notes for Windows can be found here, or you can just read the Cliffs Notes written by AMD product marketing manager Jay Marsden.

Simultaneously, AMD has posted a Linux version along with its own release notes, as well. The Linux version features early look support for Ubuntu 10.04.

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