Shuttle to show Gulftown-based J3 barebone next month

Small-form-factor systems don't have to have low-power processors and crummy, low-end graphics. Shuttle will demonstrate that early next month at the Computex trade show in Taipei, Taiwan, where it will unveil a new J3 barebone system.

The Shuttle J3 will support not only Intel's six-core Core i7-980X Extreme, which is easily the fastest desktop processor on the market right now, but also Nvidia's GeForce GTX 480. If you've read our review of the GTX 480, you'll know it has quite formidable power draw—a good 78W more than Nvidia's previous single-GPU flagship, the GeForce GTX 285. Intel's Core i7-980X isn't known for sipping power, either, although it actually draws a little less than the quad-core Core i7-975 Extreme under load.

Shuttle will also be showing "the world's smallest 1-liter slim PC with next-generation NVIDIA(R) ION 2 graphics and a slim optical drive bay for internal DVD drives." That's a likely reference to the XS35, which Shuttle announced about a month ago. The XS35 features a dual-core Atom processor, a next-gen Ion GPU, a DVD burner, and a teeny 1.3" x 9.9" x 6" enclosure.

We should be on the scene at Computex, so stay tuned for coverage of those systems and more. In the meantime, be sure to check out our coverage of Shuttle's recent endeavors.

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