Steam to hit Macs on May 12

Valve Software has set a date for the Mac release of its popular Steam platform. According to Shacknews, Mac users will be able to grab the Steam client on May 12. Mac versions of Valve's entire library of games should become available on the same day, too—and as we've noted before, folks who already own PC licenses will be able to play the games on their aluminum-clad OS X machines without paying another dime.

This announcement comes shortly after the release of the new, revamped Steam application, which premiered in beta form in February. Judging from leaked screenshots, the Mac client will look pretty much the same as the new PC one. (There will be candy-colored buttons at the top left and no menu bar inside the window, of course.)

Once the Mac version is up and running, perhaps Valve will shed more light on potential Linux support. Word got out last week that the OS X version of the Steam includes some code meant to identify Linux-based operating systems. As we said at the time, Linux doesn't seem like a very big extra step: Valve had to whip up OpenGL renderers to get its games running on the Mac to begin with, and both OS X and Linux share *nix roots.

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