Latest ATI Stream SDK is tuned for Llano

A new version of the ATI Stream software development toolkit has gone up on AMD's Developer Central site. AMD says this 2.1 release offers improved support for "developers creating software optimized for APU computing." APU, short for accelerated processing unit, is the company's pet name for chips that integrate both microprocessor and graphics processor cores—like Llano, which began sampling recently.

At the top of the new Stream SDK's feature list: OpenCL and OpenGL interoperability, an addition that purportedly helps "reduce the overhead of passing data for display purposes, enabling a richer and more responsive visual experience for the user." (You might recall version 2.0 of the Stream SDK also included OpenCL-OpenGL interoperability, but AMD only labeled that a "preview." This looks to be the full implementation.)

Other additions in the new developer toolkit include, in AMD's words:

  • Support for OpenCL byte addressable stores allowing more natural and efficient code for applications, such as image processing, that depend on the ability to update data at smaller than 32-bit granularities.
  • Support for OpenCL images, providing developers with access to hardware-accelerated texture features on AMD GPUs.
  • OpenCL extension support for AMD media operations in OpenCL, giving developers a set of OpenCL kernel operations commonly used in multimedia applications.
  • OpenCL extension support for device fission in OpenCL, enabling developers to sub-divide an OpenCL device and allowing multiple work kernels to be assigned to that device.
  • Integration of Stream KernelAnalyzer 1.5 installer, which helps developers to statically analyze OpenCL kernel performance on AMD graphics processors.

The ATI Stream SDK 2.1 also brings support for the latest Radeon HD, Mobility Radeon HD, and FirePro graphics processors. AMD notes that the supported hardware list now includes, among others, the FirePro V8800 professional graphics card that launched a little less than a month ago.

As always, developers can grab the ATI Stream SDK in Windows 7, Vista, XP, and Linux flavors right here on AMD's Developer Central site. Signing up isn't required, as far as we can tell.

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