Report: IE market share slips below 60%

Internet Explorer's popularity is continuing to dwindle, even with Firefox's usage share largely sitting steady. So suggest the folks at ConceivablyTech, who compiled NetApplications figures for the month of April and compared them with data for previous months, all the way back to January 2009.

Internet Explorer snagged a usage share of 59.95% in April, down 0.69 points from March. That's reportedly the first time Microsoft's browser has sunk below 60% in the past decade. The same month, Firefox climbed only 0.07 points in popularity to 24.59%, Safari went up 0.06 points to 4.7%, and Opera actually declined by about the same amount, reaching 2.30%. Google's Chrome web browser, meanwhile, rose by 0.6 points to 6.73%.

You don't need a math degree to figure out why IE's share has continued to shrink these past few months. As ConceivablyTech points out, NetApplications data show Chrome had a usage share of only 1.79% back in April of 2009. The five or so points it's snagged seem to have come largely from IE users, not alternative browser aficionados.

Chrome's success might not seem entirely surprising in light of Google's advertising efforts. The company doesn't just pimp Chrome on its search engine; YouTube, too, invites users to try "a new web browser," and ads all over the web—sometimes on major sites like—also trumpet Chrome's merits. Even non-tech-savvy users are bound to succumb to temptation and click those links, and it looks like they're in no hurry to switch back to IE.

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