Corsair rounds out Nova SSD line with 32GB, 256GB drives

Fresh from earning the coveted TR Editor's Choice award in our latest SSD roundup, Corsair's Nova V128 solid-state drive has gotten two new siblings: a 32GB model at the low end and a 256GB drive to top off the lineup. Corsair says both drives are "available immediately" from its network of distributors and resellers across the globe.

Although they're part of the same family and based on the same Indilinx Barefoot controller, the newcomers have different performance ratings. The 32GB Nova can only hit sequential speeds of 195MB/s when reading and 75MB/s when writing, Corsair claims, while the 256GB model can do 250MB/s and 195MB/s, respectively.

Those figures make the 256GB offering seem slightly slower in theory than the 128GB drive we reviewed. Corsair rates that one for a top sequential read speed of 270MB/s. Rated write speeds are identical, though.

The two new contestants have TRIM support and two-year warranty coverage just like their elders. Unless Corsair has altered the formula too much, the 32GB and 256GB Nova SSDs might have the same mix of compelling, well-rounded performance and attractive pricing as their 128GB predecessor.

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