OCZ unleashes PC Power & Cooling Silencer Mk II PSUs

The Silencer is back. PC Power & Cooling's famous line of power supplies may have largely disappeared from Newegg and our price search engine, but OCZ has now introduced a successor: the Silencer Mk II series.

Silencer Mk II PSUs have much in common with their predecessors: single, massive +12V rails, high efficiency, low rated noise levels, and long warranty coverage. However, OCZ has made a few changes. For one, the new units have smaller form factors and include temperature-controlled, double-ball-bearing 135-mm fans, which replace the 80-mm fans of previous units—and purportedly bring even-lower noise levels.

OCZ also says Silencer Mk II units are more efficient than the originals, and it has 80 Plus Silver and Bronze badges to prove it. The 80 Plus Silver certification applies to the 650W, 750W, and 950W Silencer Mk II variants, and it denotes 88% efficiency at a 50% load and 85% efficiency at both 20% and 100% loads. OCZ has also launched a 500W Silencer Mk II with 80 Plus Bronze certification—that model should reach 82-85% on the efficiency scale.

As the product page on the PC Power & Cooling website attests, Silencer Mk II units offer a multitude of connectors and multi-GPU certification on all but the 500W model. All four models are covered by a seven-year warranty.

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