HP announces 14 AMD-powered notebooks

Champagne corks must be popping at AMD today. HP, still the world's biggest PC vendor by far, has announced no fewer than 14 new notebooks based on AMD hardware. The systems all bear Vision and Vision Pro labels; if we're not mistaken, that implies 45-nm processors and RS880M integrated graphics chipsets all around.

Those 14 freshly released laptops belong to multiple product lines in HP's consumer and business portfolios. The company provides this handy list:

  • HP Pavilion notebook PCs: dm1, dv5, dv6 and dv7
  • HP ProBook notebook PCs: 4325s, 4525s, 6455b and 6555b
  • HP notebook PCs: 425 and 625
  • Compaq notebook PCs: CQ42/G42 and CQ62/G62
  • HP's announcement also talks about the ProBook 4425s on the business side and the Pavilion dm3 on the consumer end. The Pavilion dm3 isn't exactly new—we wrote about its launch last September—so HP may be announcing a new version of it. At least, the press release quotes battery life of up to seven hours, while the spec sheet for the existing, AMD-based dm3z only says six hours.

    AMD's Vision platform no doubt has compelling features and better integrated graphics than the Intel competition. However, there's a good chance HP's highly enthusiastic adoption also has to do with those Core Mobile shortages we've been hearing about. If Intel can't churn out enough mobile Core i3, i5, and i7 processors to meet demand, then PC makers probably have little choice but to look for alternatives. (Thanks to TR reader yuriylsh for the link.)

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