OCZ whips up external SSD with USB 3.0

Since motherboards with USB 3.0 ports started hitting the market, we've witnessed the arrival of some USB 3.0 thumb drives. Why not larger, quicker, and higher-capacity SSDs with USB 3.0 interfaces? As it so happens, OCZ has now introduced just such a product: the Enyo Portable SSD, which looks like an external 2.5" USB hard drive but has much higher rated transfer rates—and no moving parts.

How quick is this puppy? The Enyo Portable ships in 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB variants, the highest-capacity of which can purportedly hit maximum transfer speeds of 260MB/s when reading and 200MB/s when writing. The 64GB model is a little slower, with top rated read and write speeds of 225MB/s and 135MB/s, respectively.

Either way, that kind of performance would be tough to achieve without USB 3.0 or solid-state media. Sure, you could slap an external Serial ATA connection on an external hard drive, but that interface wouldn't be backward-compatible with good-old USB 2.0 ports. Enyo Portable SSDs should work happily at reduced speeds when hooked up via second-gen USB.

OCZ says it has outfitted Enyo drives with "sleek, anodized aluminum" housings and blue LED indicators. The drives weigh just over three ounces, and with dimensions of 2.2" x 4.72" x 0.4", they shouldn't exactly be awkward to carry around. You might need to bring the included A to Micro B USB 3.0 cable with you, though, since these things lack a male USB connector of their own.

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