New, low-power Athlon IIs said to be on the way

AMD isn't quite at the stage where it can match the power-efficiency of Intel's Moorestown platform. However, Fudzilla reports that the smaller chipmaker is nevertheless about to introduce a fresh batch of low-power Athlon II desktop processors with two, three, and four cores.

The batch will reportedly include three CPUs; all will have 45W power envelopes and should begin shipping next week. At the bottom will lie the Athlon II X2 245e, a 2.9GHz dual-core offering. Next up will be the Athlon II X3 415e, which will run its three cores at 2.5GHz. Finally, the Athlon II X4 610e will deliver four 2.5GHz cores within that same 45W TDP.

Fudzilla quotes early European list prices of €79, €100, and €140, respectively, for the upcoming CPUs. However, the site adds that post-launch prices will likely be lower. We'd therefore be tempted to swap out those euro signs with dollar signs, which would fit nicely with current pricing. Per AMD's price list, the existing Athlon II X2 240e, Athlon II X3 405e, and Athlon II X4 605e sell in bulk quantities for $77, $102, and $143, respectively.

According to Fudzilla, the 100MHz increases the 245e, 415e, and 615e will bring over their forebears should be par for the course for AMD CPU launches this year. The site says we can expect 100MHz bumps each quarter, "more or less," until next-generation designs start to appear.

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