Corsair Dominator GTX4 RAM rated for 2,533MHz

Remember those DDR3 modules Corsair guaranteed to run at 2,400MHz in January? Those are already old hat, thanks to the release of a Corsair Dominator GTX4 DDR3 module rated for operation at a blistering 2,533MHz.

The Dominator GTX4 purportedly achieves that clock speed with 9-11-10-30 timings and a voltage level of 1.65V—just right for platforms based on Intel's Core i3, i5, and i7 processors. Actually, Corsair says each GTX4 module is tested by hand on systems running "hand-selected" Core i7-800 processors and Gigabyte P55 motherboards.

Squeezing that kind of performance out of DDR3 RAM sounds like no easy task, at least judging from what Corsair writes in its press release:

Producing modules that perform at these extraordinary speeds requires an extremely meticulous, manual screening process, and each module represents the fastest thirty-two RAMs out of literally thousands of candidates. Each RAM chip is individually screened and graded for performance. The top few percent are set aside for assembly onto GTX4 modules, the balance are returned to normal manufacturing. Modules are then carefully assembled using these premium ICs, and only the fastest make the GTX grade.

(The company provides more details on this page.)

As one might expect, Dominator GTX4 modules don't come cheap. Corsair offers only one model, with a 2GB capacity and fire-engine red heatsinks, for the low, low price of $325. Setting up a 4GB kit will set you back $650... provided you can get two modules delivered at the same time. The firm warns that availability of GTX4 modules is "very limited," and it only sells them directly from its own online store.

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