Report: Over 100 laptops to adopt upcoming AMD platform

Is the recent launch of 14 AMD-based HP laptops a sign of things to come? Quoting anonymous insiders, Reuters reports that AMD has nabbed a record number of design wins for a "new generation of power-efficient chips" due next week. Those chips will reportedly hit no fewer than 109 mainstream notebooks over the next few months.

To put things in perspective, when AMD gave us the skinny about its Tigris mobile platform last September, it expected "over 50" designs. If Reuters' sources have their facts straight, AMD might be looking at twice the number of wins this year—and right in time for the back-to-school rush, no less.

Reuters adds that notebooks featuring the new silicon will start showing up "as early as June" from all the usual suspects: HP, Acer, Dell, and Lenovo. Those are the world's top four PC vendors, in case you're wondering.

The news agency omits one detail: the names of the upcoming AMD products. We can hazard a guess, though. AMD's roadmap calls for the introduction of a Nile ultraportable platform with 45-nm Geneva dual-core processors , DDR3 RAM, and DirectX 10.1 integrated graphics this year. Considering AMD's existing ultraportable CPUs are all 65 nm, Nile should bring much-needed battery life improvements, not to mention increased competitiveness with Intel's 45-nm CULV offerings.

We might have already caught an indirect glimpse at one of those 109 notebooks. Last month, a mobile blog broke the story about a 10.1" Acer laptop with a single-core, 1.2GHz AMD "V105" processor and an M880G chipset. The V105 is purportedly the slowest member of the Geneva lineup, and it's said to have a thermal envelope of only 9W.

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