GlobalFoundries plans further capacity expansion

Over the past year or so, GlobalFoundries has started building a new fab in New York state and bought up Singapore-based foundry firm Chartered Semiconductor. According to TechEye, the growing behemoth will soon add a third expansion to that list.

TechEye's Mike Magee heard the news straight from the horse's mouth. GlobalFoundries Senior VP Mojy Chian reportedly stated, "We'll announce further capacity expansion in the next few weeks."

The executive added, "the numbers compared to TSMC will be very comparable," in reference to GlobalFoundries' biggest rival in the independent foundry business. EE Times, which reported on the same story, says TSMC recently announced the construction of a $3 billion fab capable of 100,000 wafer starts each month. By contrast, EE Times says GlobalFoundries' Dresden fab will achieve 60,000 wafer starts "by mid-2012," and the New York fab will do 42,000 wafer starts once completed. (Those numbers don't include the Singapore fabs, though.)

Chian apparently didn't elaborate on how GlobalFoundries will go about expanding capacity further. When asked if a hypothetical future fab could be built in Abu Dhabi, where GlobalFoundries co-owner ATIC is based, the executive added, "We are a global company. We look at all locations [for wafer fabs] and, of course, Abu Dhabi is a candidate."

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