iSuppli: Netbooks, ultraportables to see strong growth in 2010

If you thought the netbook fad was petering out, think again. According to iSuppli's latest forecasts, netbook shipments will grow by 30% this year and will double from there by 2014. The market research firm expects strong growth in the consumer ultraportable market, as well, and it believes the entire notebook market will grow more in 2010 than it did in 2008 (that's an expected 25.5%, up from 19%).

iSuppli cites "improved economic conditions worldwide as well as the expected expansion of two high-achieving segments—netbooks and Consumer Ultra-Low Voltage (CULV) notebooks" as factors for its predicted 2010 increase in overall notebook shipments.

Looking at CULV laptops specifically, iSuppli reckons shipments will go up by a "staggering" 93% in 2010. Actual quantities will still pale in comparison to netbooks, though. The firm is talking about 14.5 million CULV laptops and 58.3 million netbooks shipping this year.

The report also includes some juicy netbook market share data. In 2009, Acer was reportedly king of the hill with 37% of that market, compared to 21% for Asus, its nearest competitor. HP, Samsung, and Dell followed in third, fourth, and fifth place, respectively. Acer and Asus were also the top two players in the CULV market, but iSuppli doesn't provide detailed numbers or complete rankings there.

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