AMD's Danube, Nile platforms stream out into 135 laptops

You know those rumors about AMD snagging over 100 design wins for upcoming mobile products? That number was a little off, as it turns out. AMD has now officially pulled the wraps off of its Danube and Nile platforms, and it claims no less than 135 design wins: 109 for Danube, the mainstream design, and 26 for Nile, which is aimed at ultra-thin laptops.

We've known about Nile and Danube for some time. Both platforms gather 45-nm microprocessors, DDR3 memory support, and a new M880G chipset with DirectX 10.1-class Radeon HD 4200 integrated graphics. The updated hardware should be most striking in Nile-based notebooks, since AMD's previous ultra-thin platform still had crusty-old 65-nm processors. Check out this little comparison table:

Source: AMD.

The company tell us Nile can switch quicker to deeper sleep states than its predecessor. Coupled with the move to 45-nm, that ability translates to some nice drops in power consumption. Nile purportedly chews through 22% more instructions per clock than AMD's second-gen ultra-thin platform, too.

Here's a look at the five processors AMD has launched as part of Nile, a.k.a. the 2010 Ultrathin Notebook Platform:

Processor Cores Clock speed Cache (L2) HT TDP
Turion II Neo K665 2 1.7 GHz 2 MB 3.2 GT/s 15 W
Turion II Neo K625 2 1.5 GHz 2 MB 3.2 GT/s 15 W
Athlon II Neo K325 2 1.3 GHz 2 MB 2.0 GT/s 15 W
Athlon II Neo K125 1 1.7 GHz 1 MB 2.0 GT/s 12 W
V series V105 1 1.2 GHz 512 KB 2.0 GT/s 9 W

And, for the sake of completeness, here are all the Danube (sorry—2010 Mainstream Notebook Platform) CPUs:

Processor Cores Clock speed Cache (L2) HT TDP
Phenom II X920 Black Edition 4 2.3 GHz 2 MB 3.6 GT/s 45 W
Phenom II X620 Black Edition 2 3.1 GHz 2 MB 3.6 GT/s 45 W
Phenom II N930 4 2.0 GHz 2 MB 3.6 GT/s 35 W
Phenom II P920 4 1.6 GHz 2 MB 3.6 GT/s 25 W
Phenom II N830 3 2.1 GHz 1.5 MB 3.6 GT/s 35 W
Phenom II P820 3 1.8 GHz 1.5 MB 3.6 GT/s 25 W
Phenom II N620 2 2.8 GHz 2 MB 3.6 GT/s 35 W
Turion II N530 2 2.5 GHz 2 MB 3.6 GT/s 35 W
Turion II P520 2 2.3 GHz 2 MB 3.6 GT/s 25 W
Athlon II N330 2 2.3 GHz 1 MB 3.6 GT/s 35 W
Athlon II P320 2 2.1 GHz 1 MB 3.6 GT/s 25 W
V series V120 1 2.2 GHz 512 KB 3.6 GT/s 25 W

A few extra noteworthy details: AMD quotes 21.3GB/s of memory bandwidth for the Phenom II processors above and 17GB/s for everything else (V120 excepted, since AMD oddly doesn't quote a memory speed for that product). A little arithmetic suggests those two figures translate to maximum DDR3 memory speeds of 1333MHz and 1066MHz, respectively. AMD also says all of the aforementioned Athlon II- and V-series offerings have 64-bit floating point units, compared to 128-bit for the Turion II and Phenom II offerings.

With 135 Danube- and Nile-based laptops in the pipeline, we probably don't need to tell you where to look. Nevertheless, the launch press release specifies that notebooks will debut today and continue to roll out throughout this year from vendors like Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, MSI, and Toshiba. All of these laptops should feature the Vision Technology badge, which AMD claims to have fashioned to make PC shopping easier for consumers. The Vision label was first applied to the Tigris platform last September.

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