Euro e-tailers list GeForce GTX 460

That GeForce GTX 460 we heard about a month or so ago seems to be turning from myth to reality. At least, the folks at Fudzilla have uncovered several online listings for the unannounced Nvidia graphics card on the Old Continent.

Prices seem to start at €242.77 before tax at Dutch e-tailer Max ICT, which also sells the existing GeForce GTX 470 for €287 and up. That would make the GTX 460 about 15% cheaper than Nvidia's current most affordable DirectX 11 offering. Carry that price relationship over to the U.S., where the GTX 470 sells for about $350, and we get a potential American price tag of $296 for the still-unreleased card.

At that price, the GeForce GTX 460 would actually be undercutting AMD's Radeon HD 5850 ever so slightly. Good news for bargain hunters, no doubt, although those folks might be more interested in that GF104 mid-range GPU the rumor mill has been grinding on about.

Too bad none of the listings Fudzilla found say much in the way of specifications. The only apparent detail is the card's frame buffer size: 1GB. Max ICT does quote a four- to seven-day lead time, which could be a hint of an imminent launch—or a dishonest vendor, depending on how accurate that estimate is.

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