Another iPhone 4G prototype escapes into the wild

Barely two weeks after a Gizmodo editor snagged a fourth-gen iPhone prototype (and subsequently saw his home raided by police), Engadget reports that a couple of Vietnamese publications have posted images of another iPhone 4G prototype found in the wild.

The images look legit, although there are small differences between Gizmodo's prototype and the Vietnamese one. (Engadget suspects a newer revision of the prototype.) Looking at photos posted by Tinh Te, the new iPhone appears to be thinner than its predecessor and to have a higher display resolution. Tinh Te actually says the new device is 2.5-mm thinner, 3.5-mm narrower, and 1-mm taller than current iPhones.

More interesting still, one of the sites took the prototype apart, and Engadget believes photos of the teardown reveal Apple's A4 system-on-a-chip. The A4, which was designed in-house by Apple and is based on an ARM microprocessor core, made its first appearance in the iPad in January. Benchmarks around the web suggest the iPad has substantially higher performance than even the iPhone 3GS.

Presumably, Apple isn't far from releasing the fourth-gen iPhone publicly. Perhaps we'll see an official launch at Apple's World Wide Developer Conference on June 7 in San Francisco.

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