Report: WD outshipped Seagate last quarter

In March, iSuppli whipped up some market share numbers for the mechanical hard drive market, showing that Seagate was still top dog in the fourth quarter of last year. The tables may have now turned. According to an Information Network report quoted by DigiTimes, WD surged ahead to become the world's number-one hard drive vendor in the first quarter of 2010.

This report estimates WD's Q1 2010 shipments at about 51.1 million units, compared to 50.3 million units for Seagate. iSuppli's data for the previous quarter showed Seagate with 49.9 million shipments and WD with 49.5 million. By The Information Network's count, the two companies shipped 175.2 million and 165.2 million hard drives, respectively, for all of last year.

DigiTimes goes on to say The Information Network attributes WD's boost in popularity to its strength in the growing mobile market. Reportedly, in 2009, WD was already king of the mobile realm with a 28% market share, while "Toshiba/Fujitsu, HGST and Seagate followed with a 2% share difference among the three companies." However, Seagate ruled the desktop market last year with a 43% market share to WD's 32%.

The Information Network predicts that WD will maintain its current place on the podium for the next three quarters, becoming 2010's biggest hard drive vendor.

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