AMD chipsets said to be in short supply

Last year's 40-nm graphics processor shortage is still having repercussions. DigiTimes reports that supply of AMD's 55-nm chipsets is now running tight as a result, and the situation may not improve until October or so.

Wait, there's a link between 40-nm GPU production and 55-nm chipsets? DigiTimes explains that, when TSMC's 40-nm manufacturing problems were at their worst last year, AMD's customers started to order 55-nm GPUs to fill the gap. However, AMD had previously issued conservative orders for those 55-nm graphics chip, unaware that 40-nm production would be so problematic. According to "sources at motherboard makers," AMD subsequently asked TSMC to assign some of the 55-nm capacity reserved for chipsets to GPUs.

Graphics processors reportedly carry higher margins, so the move may have allowed AMD to make the best of a bad situation by meeting more of the 55-nm GPU demand.

Of course, DigiTimes now says 40-nm yields have "started to see significant improvement," so 55-nm graphics processors have become less popular. The site doesn't discuss chipset demand at much length, but considering the recent Phenom II X6 launch and the impressive number of design wins AMD snagged for its new Danube and Nile mobile platforms, AMD chipsets might be hot items right now.

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