Platform Conference 2001

Platform Conference was a pretty big deal last week and I have to apologize to you all for not posting about it. Funny how Platform Conference was originally held to drum up support for Intel / Rambus but now it seems that AMD, VIA, ALi, and others have effectively coopted them. Sharky Extreme has posted a snappy five page read with pictures on all the happenings at San Jose.

PC Watch had some pretty good coverage last week. Products to watch for include 333MHz DDR SDRAM, VIA Apollo Pro 266T (Intel Tualatin / DDR), and VIA PX266 (Foster / DDR). They even had pictures of the AMD 760MP and AMD 762 North Bridge (not BGA like the AMD 761 but OLGA?). This page has more pictures of other motherboards that were on display. There was also some controversy over benchmarks instigated by VIA / Centaur and a VIA DDR chipset roadmap.

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