Hey, all. This is a strange time of the year, with lots of graduations and transitions from school schedules to summer ones. If you've been too busy this week to read our Eyefinity and SandForce SSD articles, though, I hope you'll take the time to check them out. We've been, uh, running behind on our review schedules lately, but I think our articles still have something to add to the conversation. The Eyefinity piece, for instance, is an overview of the entire technology, not just a cookie-cutter hardware review of the Radeon HD 5870 Eyefinity6. It's a long read, but I think you'll understand the technology better by the end. Similarly, Geoff's take on the Sandforce SSDs aims to explain as much as we've been able to shake loose about how this controller works—and it's different, make no mistake.

We're on day three of the new look for the front page, by the way, and we're still considering making some tweaks. Thanks for the feedback everybody has given us, both positive and negative. The positive folks generally don't yell as loud, but we hear you, too.

We like the fact that Shortbread gets a little more prominent placement in this format, since Ronald's work is a huge asset for us. But we're aware of the criticisms that the bread isn't exactly, heh, short in terms of screen space. I think we can code up a solution that works well for everyone. Just give us a little time to get it going.

Also, although I love that we have excellent photography and visuals on TR these days, we agree that some of the images in news posts have felt like a bit much. We're going to drop down to a tad smaller standard image size going forward, although we will retain a visually rich look.

Of course, if you just don't wish to adapt to the new layout, please go ahead and bookmark the old front page in its new location or navigate to it via the "At a glance" option in the "More..." menu at the top of the page. Some folks have worried about the fate of that page, oddly enough. Guys, we didn't make this change out of spite, and we have no plans to remove the old page from that spot any time soon. It's yours to use, if you wish.

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