Poll: How many displays are hooked up to your main PC?

In the wake of our detailed look at AMD's Eyefinity multi-display technology, we're wondering just how many of our readers use more than one monitor on their PC. After all, 1080p displays with cheap TN panels can be had for 150 bucks or so these days, and we're even starting to see high-quality IPS monitors with sub-$300 price tags. With almost all half-way decent graphics cards toting at least a couple of DVI ports, the temptation to chuck in an extra LCD must be strong for many folks.

So, we've thrown a new poll together to find out. Our question is as you'd expect: how many displays are hooked up to your main PC? You may cast your vote either below or on our front page.

Our last poll was actually a little similar, although that time, we inquired about speaker setups. A clear majority (60%) of our respondents use stereo speakers or headphones, interestingly enough. The next most popular option was 5.1-speaker configs, which garnered 26% of the vote, followed by—get this—5.1 or 7.1 headhphones with 4% of the total. Stereo may be king, but more folks buy those multi-channel headphones than one might think.

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