By the way, Surround Gaming is delayed until July

I suppose we should have posted this bit of news separately before now, but in case you didn't read to the very end of my Eyefinity write-up earlier this week, here's the relevant bit of reporting from it:

Nvidia still intends to counter with its own version of Eyefinity, dubbed Surround Gaming, and a depth-enhanced variant that works with funny glasses called 3D Vision Surround. The green team's original timeline for delivery of drivers with support for those features was mid-April, as the firm told us upon the introduction of its GeForce GTX 470 and 480 graphics cards. That deadline came and went, and we heard nothing but the sound of crickets chirping, so last week, I started agitating on Twitter about the driver release date. Shortly thereafter, we found out Nvidia's Tom Petersen had posted a blog update with a new timeline: the end of June. That's not too far off in the grand scheme of things, but I feel sorry for any die-hard Nvidia fans who bought dual GF100 cards expecting to be gaming across multiple displays in April. Nvidia may have a good thing with its 3D-enhanced version of multi-monitor gaming eventually, but one wonders how long it will take to reach the level of refinement Eyefinity has—which isn't really a final destination by any stretch.

Of course, "the end of June" is just a softer way of saying "not 'til July." So there you have it.

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