Three new SSDs join Corsair Force lineup

Barely three days after we compared Corsair's Force F100 to a tandem of competing OCZ drives, Corsair has rounded out its Force SSD family with three additional models.

The Corsair Force F60, F120, and F240 drives have capacities of 60, 120, and 240GB, and they all feature the same SandForce SF-1200 storage controller as the F100 and F200. Corsair quotes top throughput of 285MB/s during reads and 275MB/s during writes, again matching the F100 and F200's spec sheets. The company says it "worked closely with Sandforce to implement and qualify firmware which guarantees the unusually fast 4K random write performance of 180 MB/s." Also, going against SSD convention, the F60 model is purportedly no slower than its higher-capacity siblings.

Other shared attributes between the old and new Force-series SSDs include 2.5" form factors, 300MB/s Serial ATA interfaces, TRIM support in Windows 7, and two-year warranty coverage. Corsair ships these puppies with 2.5" to 3.5" adapter brackets, as well, so mounting them inside a desktop PC doesn't need to involve duct tape.

You can start looking for the F60, F120, and F240 in stores and online listings next month, Corsair writes. The firm's announcement doesn't quote pricing, but for reference, the existing F200 sells for $719.99 right now.

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