Google TV aims to bridge TV, web this fall

The areas of overlap between Google and Apple have just grown a little bit larger. Earlier today, the search giant announced Google TV, a platform intended to bring "everything you love about the web to your television." Eat your heart out, Apple TV!

As Google explains in the following introductory clip, video may be easier to find and consume on the web, but it's generally more enjoyable to watch on a big-screen TV in your living room. Google aims to bridge the two by letting users find channels, recorded shows, websites, and YouTube clips via a simple search field on their TV screen:

Google says it's already partnered up with Sony and Logitech to build Google TV inside of "televisions, Blu-ray players and companion boxes." You can expect Google TV-enabled products to start hitting Best Buy stores some time this fall.

As we understand it, Google TV is built on top of the Android mobile platform and Chrome web browser. Google intends to release a development kit and programming interfaces for Google TV so that developers "can build even richer applications and distribute them through Android Market."

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