Victoria Day Shortbread

The Starting Five

  1. FoneArena reports iPhone 4G / HD white spotted
  2. Dell: Netbooks won't replace laptops
  3. Download Squad reports the EFF wants a Bill of Privacy Rights for social networks, what say ye?
  4. Microsoft Windows 3.0 is 20 years old
  5. How to fix the Gulf oil spill: Bob Woodward says 'Call in Google'

Victoria Day

  1. Ars Technica: AT&T, Verizon dominate wireless... Is it time to regulate?
  2. Financial Times reports Google stops deleting Street View WiFi data
  3. Download Squad: Google releases Skynet... I mean, 'Prediction API'
  4. Computerworld reports 1-in-5 U.S. consumers plan to buy Apple's iPad
    and iPad rivals: Tablets, real and rumored
  5. Engadget reports Pandora handheld now shipping: first
    mass-produced unit unboxed, world somehow survives
  6. SemiAccurate reports Asus set to launch 12" Core i notebook at Computex
    and Intel set to launch more LGA-1156 processors soon
  7. VR-Zone reports Western Digital quietly updates 2TB Caviar Green WD20EARS
  8. KitGuru: GTX 490 throws down to 5970
  9. OC3D Forums: Galaxy GeForce GTX 470 GC is identified as a GTX 465 (thanks pogsnet)
  10. Microsoft Hardware Blog: Fresh new patterns for the Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500
  11. Computerworld: Your old computer, born again
  12. GigaOM reports PayPal wants to be in your TV, your DVD player, and your car
  13. Dealzon's deals: $200 off Best Buy Blue Label laptop + Xbox Arcade, $175 off 14" hp dm4t,
    $219 off 21.5" Lenovo IdeaCentre A300, and $61 & $65 off 16GB / 32GB Zune HD + charge pack

  1. GigaOM: WebKit is great, but isn't the great unifier
  2. C|Net: Does cloud computing need LAMP?
  3. Steaming Media's first look: H.264 and VP8 compared
  4. NewTeeVee reports Miro launches first VP8 video converter
  5. Download Squad: Will Internet Explorer 9 finally get a download manager?
  6. Wired reports DARPA wants code to spot 'anomalous behavior' on the job
  7. NT Compatible reports GMail Drive 1.0.16 released
  8. MPlayer build 79 (5/22/10)

  1. Big Download: Get Geometry Wars Retro Evolved free with Blur pre-order on Steam
  2. TG Daily reports PS3 3D patches will be free
  3. Pac-Man creator: Pac-Man was made for women
  4. A+E Interactive on why gamers should root for the Prince of Persia movie
  5. Kotaku: If Half-Life 2 was an 80s movie...

  1. TweakPC reviews Core i7-970 (in German)
  2. Tech ARP's BIOS option of the week - AGP driving value
  3. X-bit labs review Asus P7H55D-M EVO and Biostar TH55XE
  4. HardwareOC reviews EVGA P55 FTW (in German)
  5. Legit Reviews on 60GB Mushkin Callisto SSD w/ SandForce SF-1200
  6. HT4U reviews 100GB G.Skill Phoenix SSD (in German)
  7. ABT's GTX 480 vs. HD 5870 - 8X AA performance analysis part 3
  8. Hardware Pacers review Microsoft LifeCam Cinema
  9. Hi Tech Legion reviews NZXT premium sleeved cables
  10. KitGuru reviews 775W Thermaltake ToughPower XT PSU
  11. X-bit labs review Thermaltake SpinQ VT and Xigmatek Balder SD1283
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