Paying for placement

Wired is reporting that Yahoo now has a sponsorship program that allows web sites to 'enhance' their placement on Yahoo's pages. Not a bad move considering the drop in ad revenues. At least they're putting the sites in a special section as opposed to just bumping them up.
"We've really had a revolution about how people get placement on the search engines," said Sullivan. "A year ago it would have been very hard to get a paid link on any of the search engines. But as ad revenues have dropped, they've become much more open to having paid links on their pages. Practically everyone has one now, even Google."

Yahoo's Sponsored Sites program appeared quietly on Thursday; the company made no official announcement.

Srinija Srinivasan, who heads up the directory, likened the program to the Yellow Pages, where companies can be distinguished by the size of the ad.

Gotta sell out to eat out.
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