3DMark 11 delivers underwater DX11 eye candy

Futuremark is moving into the DirectX 11 fray. The Finnish company has officially announced 3DMark 11, the next version of its popular benchmarking software, and it's released a trailer and some screenshots to get everyone hyped up. The full version of the benchmark is scheduled to come out in the third quarter of this year.

This Deep Sea trailer shows Futuremark's in-house DX11 engine running within an "early build" of 3DMark 11. Tessellation, volumetric lighting, depth-of-field, and DirectCompute effects are all in use:

The volumetric lighting and depth-of-field effects should be obvious, as should be tessellation if you're familiar with that (here, tessellation adds geometry to the rocks, sea floor, coral, and other objects to make them appear more detailed). Futuremark says it's using DirectCompute to implement "lens flares, streaks and bloom." Using this GPU-computing API instead of traditional shaders for those effects can purportedly bring "greater efficiency, quality and speed."

Futuremark hasn't disclosed pricing or an edition breakdown for 3DMark 11, but for reference, 3DMark Vantage is currently available in three editions priced at $6.95, $19.95, and $995. 3DMark 11 will require Windows 7 with a DirectX 11 graphics processor.

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