Intel preps tablet-specific CPUs for next week

While HP's choice of webOS for its upcoming slate likely implies an ARM processor, Intel apparently intends to court PC makers with new silicon specially aimed at tablets. Carrypad got the news straight from Intel's Mooly Eden in the aftermath of yesterday's 32-nm CULV processor launch.

Carrypad has posted an audio clip of Mooly's statement, but here's a transcript:

So Mooly, a question regarding how soon can we see ULV into tablets. Anytime soon?

I believe that ULV, if you look at it, you might find [a] few in tablets, but I believe the tablets will require different solutions. Probably they'll require even thinner TDP than what you have seen in the ULV. And for the tablets we've got special solutions that we're going to [uncover] at the coming Computex. We'll have a dedicated silicon for the tablet space. Because the ULV, although it's great for 0.75" or 0.8" notebooks, might be too hot for a tablet, and you need even a lower-power solution. We decided to come with [a] dedicated architecture and dedicated solution to address the tablet segment.

Eden's choice of words—a "dedicated architecture and dedicated solution"—is particularly interesting. As Carrypad points out, Intel's new Moorestown Atom chips could be good tablet candidates; perhaps the dedicated silicon will be derived from those. In any case, we'll be on the scene at Computex, so we'll try to bring you the news as it develops.

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