National Tap Dance Day Shortbread


  1. Engadget reports Intel to announce dedicated tablet silicon at Computex
  2. Nvidia: Intel's Moorestown is like an elephant on a diet, iPad set bar too low
  3. Fudzilla reports new Intel unlocked "K" CPUs confirmed
    and Dell leaks new Intel mobile quads and
    Gigabyte releases second XL-ATX motherboard
  4. Unigine Heaven Benchmark 2.1 w/ OpenGL 4.0 support
  5. The tragic cost of Google Pac-Man - 4.82 million hours
  6. You can still play Google Pac-Man

National Tap Dance Day

  1. Fudzilla reports AMD stops gaining ground against Nvidia
  2. DigiTimes reports AMD hires ex-ECS motherboard business president as the VP of global sales
  3. Steve Jobs to kick off Apple's WWDC 2010 with keynote address on Monday, June 7
  4. Steve Jobs email: "Not a chance" Google is leapfrogging us
  5. The Consumerist: Beware Best Buy computer price hikes
  6. DigiTimes reports MSI to sell tablet PCs in U.S., Europe in 3Q10
  7. Mashable reports Yankee Stadium bans iPads
  8. Ars Technica reports new Intel ULV processors still a bad fit for MacBook Air
  9. Yahoo! News reports new transistor built from just 7 atoms
  10. Fudzilla reports MSI prepares more Hydra motherboards
    and its external GPU solution
  11. TC Magazine reports EVGA X58 FTW3 motherboard made official
  12. Global Blu-ray Disc player sales to reach 40 million units in 2011, says DigiTimes Research
  13. The Consumerist: To settle lawsuit, AT&T lets you unlock anything that's not an iPhone
  14. BGR reports Apple discontinuing Apple iPhone 3G 8GB?
  15. AllThingsD reports 17% of Verizon customers would upgrade to iPhone
  16. C|Net reports Congress rebukes FCC on Net neutrality rules
  17. U.S. appoints first cyber warfare general
  18. BBC reports Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg pledges easier privacy
  19. Ars Technica's interview: Nick Carr talks Google, Apple, and cloud clients
  20. C|Net reports Google offered Viacom $592 million for content
  21. FT reports Google debates face recognition technology
  22. DSLReports: Cable companies finally forced to address customer satisfaction
  23. 1 down, 5 to go? Ars Technica reports isoHunt neutered by U.S. judge
  24. Eircom (Irish ISP) to cut broadband over illegal downloads
  25. The Engadget Show - 009
  26. Untouched is impossible: Ars Technica on the story of Star Wars in film
  27. Shack giveaway: Intel Core i7-920 processor
  28. Dealzon's deals: $350 off 15.6" Lenovo G555 Athlon II X2, $325 off hp Elite 170t i7 1TB,
    $119 off 21.5" Dell multi-touch LCD, and 20% off Dyson products @ Abt Electronics

  1. t-break: Check how reliable your PC is using Windows 7
  2. Ars Technica reports Outlook lock-in could vanish with open source projects
  3. Electronista: Test shows Flash 10.1 bogging down Android 2.2 (video)
  4. C|Net reports Adobe's PDF Reader app comes to Android phones
  5. SuperSite for Windows covers Google I/O 2010, part 5: Android 2.2 'Froyo'
  6. Ars Technica's how-to: Manually update your Nexus One to Android 2.2
  7. DailyTech cites report: Hulu now working on Android 2.2 with a simple command switch
  8. ZDNet's virtualization smackdown 2: Oracle VM VirtualBox 3.2 vs. VMWare Workstation 7.1
  9. Phoronix Test Suite 2.6 expands cross-platform benchmarking
  10. C|Net: New ZoneAlarm is quietly effective (review)
  11. ZoneAlarm Free
  12. Ultimate Boot CD (UBCD) 5.0.1
  13. GMail Drive 1.0.16
  14. EVGA SLI Enhancement patch v27
  15. New build of Opera 10.54: Linux WebM Labs, minor update (for Linux)
  16. Macsimum News reports iTunes grows its share of the U.S. music market to 26.7%

  1. The Sony situation: SCEA's Rob Dyer speaks at Gamasutra
  2. Sony PS3 Move arriving this July?
  3. Direct2Drive launches industry's first online games retail channel with free-to-play bundles
  4. VG247: Blizzard mega-head Frank Pearce on StarCraft II, WoW, Diablo, more
  5. VG247 reports Witcher II detail explosion, "engrossing, mature storyline"
  6. VE3D reports new Total War unveiled at E3
  7. Shacknews reports Doom 2, Voodoo Dice on Xbox Live Wednesday
  8. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 console stats
  9. Kotaku reports Magic the Gathering gets Steam-powered
  10. [H]ard|OCP's Splinter Cell: Conviction - gameplay performance and IQ
  11. Hexus.gaming reviews Red Dead Redemption and
    Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (Xbox 360 & PS3)
  12. 8-bit heroes: Ars explores the resurgence of pixel art
  13. TF2 Official Blog on The Polycount Pack contest
  14. Majesty 2 - 75% off sale and DLC release
    and 25% off Global Agenda on Steam

  1. OC3D reviews Asus P6X58D-E
  2. Modders-Inc reviews Asus Sabertooth 55i motherboard
  3. iXBT Labs review Asus P7H55-M Pro
  4. TweakTown reviews Asus Crosshair IV Formula
  5. bit-tech's AMD 880G graphics performance review
  6. Hardware Heaven reviews 4GB Kingston HyperX DDR3-2400
    and HyperX DDR3-1600 LoVo memory kits
  7. ABT reviews 4GB Crucial Ballistix Tracer DDR3-1600 memory kit

  1. AnandTech, Benchmark Reviews, Big Bruin, HotHardware, Legit Reviews,
    OCC, and Viper Lair review 500GB Seagate Momentus XT
  2. OCIA reviews 128GB OCZ Enyo USB 3.0 SSD
  3. Techgage reviews 600GB Western Digital VelociRaptor
  4. TweakTown reviews 120GB OCZ Vertex 2 E Series SSD
  5. OCC reviews 120GB Mushkin Callisto SSD
  6. Benchmark Reviews on 100GB Patriot Inferno SandForce SSD kit
  7. Tech ARP's Windows 7 SSD performance comparison
  8. Everything USB reviews 2TB Samsung Story Station USB 3.0 external hard drive
  9. MissingRemote reviews QNAP NMP-1000 media player

  1. TweakTown reviews Palit GeForce GTX 470 dual fan
  2. Fudzilla has Gainward GTX 470 tested
  3. PureOC reviews PowerColor HD 5550 512MB
  4. TechReviewSource on Lenovo ThinkVision L2251P
  5. t-break reviews Canon EOS 500D DSLR
  6. Windows Phone 7: Engadget reports technical tidbits exposed
  7. Guru3D reviews Gigabyte KM7600 wireless keyboard and mouse
  8. Hardware Secrets reviews Razer Imperator mouse
  9. LanOC Reviews on Fox-it eSlick PDF reader
Power, casing, and cooling

  1. Hardware Secrets reviews 750W AeroCool HorsePower PSU
  2. ThinkComputers reviews Antec Sonata Elite case
  3. APH Networks and ProClockers review Thermaltake Armor A90 case
  4. techPowerUp! reviews Icy Dock EZ-DOCK MB881US-1S-1 USB & eSATA HDD docking station
  5. Futurelooks reviews Thermalright Venomous X CPU cooler
  6. PureOC reviews Thermalright Spitfire & VRM-R5 VGA coolers
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