Nvidia announces notebook-bound GeForce GTX 480M

Remember that mysterious GeForce GTX 480M we encountered in a Eurocom laptop configuration page three weeks ago? Nvidia has now made things official. As Engadget reports, the GeForce GTX 480M—Nvidia's very first mobile DirectX 11 product—will be out in the middle of June.

The 480M will feature 352 stream processors, a 425MHz core clock speed, an 850MHz shader speed, and up to 2GB of 1,200MHz GDDR5 RAM pushing data through a 256-bit memory interface. Nvidia's product page for the mobile GPU quotes 897 gigaFLOPS of floating-point number-crunching power, a 42 Gtexels/s fill rate, and 76.8 GB/s of memory bandwidth. That's down from 1.35 teraFLOPS, 42 Gtexels/s, and 177.4GB/s for the desktop GeForce GTX 480.

Nvidia tells us the GTX 480M is based on the same GF100 silicon as the desktop GeForce GTX 480, but "customized to fit into the notebook thermal budget." That must be some serious customization. The desktop GeForce GTX 480 has a formidable 250W power envelope, and the already trimmed-down GTX 470 has a 215W rating. According to that Eurocom listing, however, the GTX 480M only draws up to 100W.

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